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Name it

You name it I have done it today- painted two doors (twice) down loaded 17 files of talk from last week end’s course (some of those twice, by mistake), walked Nell in beautiful warm sunshine,  chatted on phone ( more than once)  weeded, put tender plants in green house ready for first frost and am […]

Sweet Peas

Had to laugh this morning. Promised a friend a bunch of sweet peas as I still had a lot flowering in my garden. I went out to pick them and as I touched each stem the flowers slowly drifted to the ground. I was left holding a bunch of bare stems and laughing loudly. The […]


Welcomed two recruits to Laughter yoga at the session yesterday. Always good to see new faces and especially when they are smiling and laughing when they arrive! Just hoping they remember my advice for a rainy day and start their morning with a chuckle because today is not an AHHH look at the sun day!!!


Recovering from an amazing 3 day Access consciousness body class in London. Am totally spaced out. just managed to find the energy to run the Laughter Club this afternoon in Chesterfield and am going to chill big time for the rest of the day.


Still got my scary laugh and croaky voice. Trying to follow my own advice and find something to laugh about with this situation- bit stuck on this one today- so fake silent laughter will hopefully boost my spirits. (Just managed a smile when reread post and realised I had written boat my spirits- ok I […]

Silent laughter

So glad I’ve used silent laughter in my groups because that is how I am doing my 10 minute wake up laugh this morning. Why? Croaky voice! A month too early for Holloween scary witch laugh!


Blue skies yet again How Does It Get Any Better Than That?


Busy, busy morning. Nell and I went for a BlackBerrying walk. She sniffed here and there while I picked the fruit. There are SO many this year, big and juicy too. So now decision time. Do I make jelly or freeze them for winter crumbles? Shall ponder this with a ho and a ha as […]

long time

Long time no post due to this, that and even the other but here I am again not liking the fact that the days are getting shorter and there is a has been a decided nip in the air  when Nell and I have strolled out in the morning BUT loving the unexpected clear blue […]

Laughter lady

Did a laughter session with a group of holistic healers yesterday in Derby. I was waiting to get the bus home and someone called out ‘Love the T shirt ‘.( It says HoHo HaHa Ha), She then looked up at my face and said’ It’s the laughter lady from Mansfield Mind Body and Spirit- Ha Ha Ha.’ […]